5-Days Transformative Yoga


We know how hard it can be to commit to a new habit or body routine; most of us are overwhelmed with the day-to-day burdens that we have from work, home & life in general, that we tend to forget to focus on our wellbeing. That’s why we’re here today with an innovative solution that counts as step number one towards a new you.

5-Days of  Transformative Yoga –

Every day carries a new challenge, the same goes for our 5-days of Transformative Yoga. You will be equipped with self-love & self-esteem, as well as motivation to keep you going. Sumit Manav –Founder of Lifestyle Yoga Dubai studios & core Yoga instructor- has designed this program specifically to deepen the strength of your Yoga practices and to enhance your overall mind, body & emotional wellbeing.

The program details are as follows:

  • Days 1 – Restore, Recharge & Renew; Release all your tension and sink deep into a wonderfully meditative Yogic flow.
  • Days 2 – Build Strength; A series of dynamic poses including core Yoga poses that are guaranteed to build your strength and regain your body’s balance.
  • Days 3  Challenge Yourself; Trying something that you’ve never done before – a combination of different types of Yoga can be extremely powerful that it challenges both your body & mind.
  • Days 4  Energy Boost; Working on improving the flow of the Prana or Vital Force, This includes working on the hips, hamstrings, spine & other key body parts in order to maximize energy transformation from one body part to the other.
  • Days   99 Asanas; Performing 99 different poses of Hatha Yoga can do wonders for your body & mind especially when it comes to key wellbeing pillars such as revitalization, distress, and relaxation.

This program is suitable for all fitness level and does not require previous Yoga experience.

“Anyone who practice can obtain success in yoga but not one who is lazy. Constant practice alone is the secret of success.”


Location & Timings

  • Shangri-la Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Timings Morning 10:00am and Evening 5:00pm
  • Date – June 9th – 13th, 2018


  • AED350-/ Only for Full Transformative Yoga Course
  • AED 80-/ Per Class


  • All shower, valet parking, Free Self Parking & changing facilities are available for your convenience
  • For bookings and inquiries, send us a message here or give us a call on Our TOLL- FREE Number 042546645 or WhatsApp: 0552223542



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