Life patterns are changing and so are your employees. However, often, if given a chance to choose between health and career goals, they’d choose the latter. It is time you help them find a middle ground!

This is where corporate wellness helps. It saves time, helps team bonding, changes routine at work, gives you a break when you need it (and a healthy one at that), stimulates ideas, fuels healthy competitiveness and thus increases productivity- and what better way than the yoga way!

Lifestyle Yoga’s corporate wellness program has been specially curated to maximize positive impact on the body and mind. It ensures the over-all wellbeing of the participants and engages them in fun sessions, exercise based routines with equal impact on breathing, bonding, meditating and stretching!

For every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits. (Michigan Research Centre)


Our Corporate Wellness program focuses on yoga suitable for everyone. We strongly believe that yoga has the power to cleanse the mind, body and spirit and our program reigns it in the best way possible!

An end to a long day, or a happy break in between - a good session with our expert trainers would not only leave your employees energized but also infused with the right amount of confidence and positivity.

Regular practice of yoga improves posture, body balance and reduce stress, thus molding their personality.

A calm and happy employee is the key to a successful workplace- and we aim to give you just that!


Demands and challenges are mounting and so are workplace stress levels. This may result into decreased productivity, reduced efficiency and creativity thus channeling increased absenteeism and eventual burnout!

To tackle this, your employees need something special - intensive mind healing!

Our Mindfulness program takes them out from a whirlpool of stress, confidence issue and / or any other mind woes, and helps turn the negative to positives, thus healing creatively. Mindfulness creates a balance. Stress levels reduce, emotions are better controlled and multitasking becomes easy.

It also helps the employee stay focused and patient, widens scope for understanding, thus resulting in an overall growth!


After emphasis on stretching the body and mind, it’s time to stretch and foster relationships! Our team building day modules focus on wellness, fun and improving employee bonds. This is how we do it.

Introduction to yoga: Our short 30 minute program is a mix of stretches, meditation and breathing right. It sets the tone for the next session and preps you for the world of yoga and wellness!

Boardroom Yoga and breathing sessions: The boardroom is a calculation of energy, ideas and execution. Starting it off with yoga and some breathing exercises ensures that the right flow of thought is maintained!

Partner Yoga and co-operation: The universe loves pairs and we are no exception!
With partner yoga at your work place, we can positively change your employee's confidence level, co-worker relationships and foster trust.
It is imperial to understand people who you are working with, and partner yoga helps in just that!


Same faces, same spaces may get a tad boring after a while. With our corporate yoga retreats, we take you away from the regular!

With a long list of locations to choose from and a wide range of activities to do, our coporate yoga retreats are both effective and fun. Ranging from 3 to 7 days, these retreats would include meditation, breathing tricks and yoga in equal proportion.

Lead by an expert teacher, a Lifestyle Corporate Yoga retreat is bound to leave you gaping for more!


Day retreats are not just fun, but also helps improve employee bonds. They are the perfect break in a hectic schedule.

A change is location makes regular seem interesting and locations such as the desert or the beach just adds to the charm of it.

With wide expance to focus into and an abundance of serenity, it becomes a perfect setting to find nirvana!


Conferences are often high stress events with ideations, strategies and little time to relax. Introducing yoga and meditation to this environment not only makes it a fun place to be, but also increases productivity and channels creativity.

Conference yoga ensures stress molds are broken, and the right kind of enzymes are released. It also helps build bonds, increase concentration and make it an immersive, absorptive process that people would love to be a part of!

Time to create a memory of a conference? Choose Lifestyle Yoga!