5-Days Detox to Nourish & Glow with Sumit Manav

Detox Distress Deflate

(July 27th – 31st )

If there’s one word that seems to come to mind after a holiday, it’s “detox”. Anyone hoping to get rid of the excesses of the holiday season will search for ways to be better and healthier.Our body naturally has cleansing organs like the liver, kidneys and lungs, which is why some wonder why is there a need to detoxify your system? Well, the answer is that your body is working overtime to handle the toxins which attack your system multiple times in various ways.

Reboot your built-in detox system through a 5-day yoga program designed to give you a complete experience of body cleanse, fitness and relaxation of mind. Transform your body and mind by eliminating the toxins and joining this unique program which aims at helping to find a NEW YOU!

Sumit Manav has developed a 5-days detox routine by combining daily Yoga practice & a juice cleanse diet to improve the body’s ability to boost energy, increase mental clarity and get fit.

Detox yoga

What this class will deliver?

A series of postures, twists, forward and backward back bends in order to stimulate your internal organs gently through traditional yoga practices to achieve the following:

• Digestive rejuvenation.

• The ultimate stress-relief.

•  Massaging the toxified organ naturally.

After this detox yoga session, you enter a world of mindfulness through meditation practice where you will experience Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Kriya and Meditation.The cleansing juice program will help your digestive system to be in a state that allows your body to function more efficiently by getting rid of processed foods and beverages (such as sugary soda and caffeine).

This program is designed to reconnect you to your true self. You will be able to connect with yourself better on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Give your body love & care, and make your mind fully aware. Join Sumit Manav’s 5-days Yoga and Detox program that will not only nourish your soul but make you happier, add a glow to your skin and give you an energy boost.

Look at the interesting detox agenda below and book your slot:

 60 Minutes Yoga for Detoxification and stronger abs

 30 Minutes Yoga Nidra & Pranayama

30 Minutes Meditation and Kriya

Fresh Detox Juice

Get into Sauna,Enoy Jacoozi and get ready for the rest of the day

Here are some top amazing benefit of Juice Detox

• Helps you lose weight quickly.

• Improves nutrient absorption.

• Feeds good bacteria in your gut.

• Helps lower cholesterol.

• Helps detox your liver.

• Lowers blood sugar levels.

• Improves your skin.

• Broadens the range of vegetables you eat.

• Improves athletic performance.


Let’s chant the mantra………….I am on a mind, body and soul detox!

Schedule & Description

Schedule & Description

July 27th – 31st

• Friday 27th – Starts at 9:00am

• Saturday 28th– Starts at 8:00am

• From Sunday 29th – Tuesday 21st July

• 6:30am – 9:00am

FULL WORKSHOP + 5-Day Juice Cleanse Package: 

• A 5-Day Detox to Nourish and Glow

• 27th – 31th July, 2018

• Total 12.5 hours

• All Levels

TOTAL COST: AED 600/- VAT Included

Without Detox Juice AED 450

(Juice Cleanse Package last order date July 23rd)

Terms and Conditions:

Only 15-Slot Available

All the Payment will be in Advance

Your seat will only be confirmed once the 100% Payment is received.


No Refunds and credit will be given for cancellation

Special OFFER for all the Participant:

• 25% discounts on spa individual treatments

• 20% OFF on Lifestyle Yoga Membership

• Dhs50 – Steam, Sauna & Jacuzzi

• Dhs100 – Steam, Sauna & Jacuzzi + Swimming Pool & Gym

Offer Valid till 10th August, 2018

Let’s chant the mantra…………. I am on a mind, body and soul detox!

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