Fascial Yogic Stretch Therapy

Fascial Yogic Stretch Therapy

FYST, Crafted by Yoga expert Sumit Manav, helps you heal your Fascia,

release tension & stretch your body in entirely unique ways!

Explore & experience FYST in the most unique

way to recover and expedite your flexibility.



Fascila Yogic Stretch Therapy

Fascial Yogic Stretch Therapy targets the deep connective tissues of the body (vs. the superficial tissues) and the fascia that covers the whole body. Moreover, FYST helps to regulate the flow of energy in your body. It is a unique form of Yoga as the postures demand you to relax, soften the muscles and move closer to the bone; offering a much deeper stretch to the body.


The vitality and strength of your fascia is key to good health and synergy throughout each system of your body.

What Does Fascia Yogic Stretch Therapy Do?

✓ Stretch the fascial and muscle fibers

✓ Increase range of motion, blood flow, muscle performance, and neurological activity

✓ Decrease soft tissue tension, restriction, and adhesions

✓ Stretch the body in a whole new way and allow for completely different planes of movement

✓ Tractioning to open and create space between joints and tissues and allow for fascia line stretching

✓ Neural stretching and flossing allows you to glide in and out of stretches as the fascia layers glide over and in-between the muscles

✓ Changes the state of the fascia, makes it more pliable and allows it to be more receptive to remodeling

✓ The ability for the beginner to advanced variations and levels of stretching

✓ Enhances other fitness and stretching programs

What makes FYST Unique?

✓ A totally new turn on the age-old discipline of stretching and tractioning

✓ Designed to simulate being stretched and tractioned by a therapist

✓ Designed to stretch the fascia as well as the muscles

✓ FasciaYoga positions were designed to allow each stretch to be done in traction

✓ The ball alleviates the floor as a limiting factor, allowing for more range of motion and ease of gliding in and out of each stretch

✓ Designed for all ages, fitness levels, and abilities, with modifications for beginners or for any limitation



Fascia is the "new" Nerve system.  It allows every part of the body to communicate with every other part of the body in a manner similar to, but different than nerve conduction.  Interestingly enough, nerve impulses travel between 150-175 miles per hour.  However, Fascia transmits messages at approximately 750 miles per hour ---- the speed of sound in water!  Expert on Fascia, Tom Myers recently stated in an interview with Susan Maier-Moul,

Fact: there are ten nerve endings in the fascia for every one nerve ending in the muscles. I’m talking about sensory nerve endings here.  In the normal course of things....  your nervous system is constantly listening to your fascial system."

Fascia is your body’s three-dimensional connective tissue matrix. It encases and weaves through muscles, organs, and bone to bind all your distinct parts together as one.

Sumit Manav 

Founder Lifestyle Yoga 

A modern yogi, with a vision & mission of spreading health, happiness, and peace to the world. A celebrated Yoga personality acknowledged as one of the top 10 Yoga teachers from India. His revolutionary fitness techniques have been well acclaimed by both regional and international media.

Today, he spreads his wisdom of Yoga through practicing and facilitating progressive yoga through dynamic asanas, pranayamas, counseling, reflex actions, and therapy. He has trained and facilitated many corporate workshops and has conducted induction programs for beginners as well as professional group classes. Hundreds of people, particularly those suffering from diabetes, back pain, and hypertension, have benefited from his Yoga Therapy.