Everyone has a mind, however, very few of us possess the complete knowledge of its nature and functions. But why is it imperative to understand our mind? The answer is simple and logical. Happiness and suffering are states of our mind, and so if we want to be free from suffering and enjoy true happiness, we need to possess a thorough understanding of the mind and how to control it. Meditation is the way to improve the quality of our life, both now and in the future.

Should you meditate? The short answer is “Yes!”

But isn’t that a tedious process? “No”

This short course not only helps you out with the basics but also offers simple life strategy to reduce tension, remove negativity, reduce stress and relax the mind.

Get on the path of a healthy and happy life by signing up for the 21 Days Meditation Course with Sumit Manav, Core Trainer and Founder of Lifestyle Yoga - A course tailored to integrate holistic goodness into your daily life.


If you don’t know what path you are on than how you will

reach your destination, Know your path first



This course includes basic training in meditation techniques in the same way that I learnt from my Guru’s in the Himalayas. You will be able to find simple tools, methods to understand the mind and dive deeper into meditation. It is a well-known fact that the Yogis in the Himalayas know the functions of the mind and meditation much better than anyone else in this world. Once you have mastered your mind, you are simply ready to jump into meditation where you begin to discover yourself and the potential that lies within you.


I am a Lifestyle Yoga Guru from India and have been touted to be one of the 10 most influential Yoga teachers of the country. My journey began back in 1992 when I traveled to the Himalayas in search of the true essence of Yoga. It is here that I discovered the art of Yoga as a way to human consciousness and overall well-being. My four year training with the mystics gave me a closer understanding of the physiology and psychology of the human body. My Guru’s guided me on the path of meditation and mindfulness and since then it has done momentous impacts in my life.

In Meditation, when the mind is successfully withdrawn from the external world of the senses, it leaves only three things remaining in the awareness: the meditator,  the object & the act of meditating. This is the Trinity in meditation.

This course will teach you how to....



“That uninterrupted of the content of consciousness is Dhyana.

Dhyana is concentration without a break.

It literary means ‘total, non-dual, absolute awareness.”

  • Develop Skill for the leading group and private Meditation session.

  • Learn to teach the practice of kindness, mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness, and joy.

  • 100% Growth on your spiritual path.

  • Learning the Meditation with the tool for heart, mind and harmonious life.

  • Create a simple program for kids, adults or for any age group. 




The process always begins with knowing your mind – not merely acknowledging its presence. After this we move towards building concentration and developing will power. This course will do all of this and much more in 21 days. Our aim is to guide you towards a balanced lifestyle so that peace, happiness and prosperity automatically come your way. Meditation is the tool to unlock the greatest potential and you will be amazed to see yourself change dynamically in these 21 days. Let your transformation begin. NOW!

Why Sumit Manav?

Manav is well known and recognized personality in the spiritual healing world. He takes you through the journey of mindfulness and managing mind in such a manner that you not only enjoy but also experience mindfulness at the same time. His technique is simple – to extract the tool from the Spiritual world and enable you to use it in your everyday life so that the results are momentous. You will be stoked to see the results at the very moment. His goal is to empower people to discover their full potential so that they can live a life with purpose and happiness.


Sumit Manav has lived in Himalayas in the Ashramas and studied under many masters to understand the yoga & spiritualism. He trained under the brightest minds in these Ashramas and was initiated by great Hindu spiritual leaders in India. He has worked with more than 100 organization all over the world to bring out the true potential of their minds and make them better, successful beings. He helps thousands of people with very simple yogic and spiritual methods to make them happier healthier and successful.

The mind becomes tranquil by cultivating attitude

of friendlyness towards the happy,

compasison towards the miserable,

joy towards the virtous

and indifference towards the evil.


Life is meant to lived joyously and blissfully

And you have the power and tool for within to do so.

Life is the most beautiful journey you could ever set sail on. I keep hearing that life is short, but I have to say sorry friends, I see life as infinite. It’s not short at all & it’s not easy too. Life is a long journey, but life is infinite & you only have one life. We don’t know what you will be & where you will be in your next life? So live this one joyously till it lasts so when you reach the fag end and are at your last breath, you can turn back and say to the world “What a beautiful journey I had!”

 Meditation is one of the most amazing & priceless rituals for making your life successful, happening and to unlock the greatest potential in the human mind.  We all have this hidden potential, but not many use it. We are all full of power but seldom realize it because of our busy, mundane schedules. Making meditation a priority in life helps you achieve your goals of finding the real truth and full potential and finally living, not merely existing.

"Meditation, you can define, is having a meeting with yourself each time you meditate". -Manav



Aren’t you done with the daily mundane chores? Aren’t you seeking peace? Do you want to connect with yourself and strike a balance in your life?

There is no doubt that there is a growing interest in mindfulness these days. In fact, mindfulness is said to be one of the fastest growing trends in the world and the word [mindfulness] has witnessed a fivefold increase in Google searches over the past 10 years.

Many people are taking courses and retreats to learn mindfulness and gaining a new level of freedom and joy in their lives. It’s a wonderful revolution that’s happening!

There’s a simple method to achieve the mindfulness and bliss: STOP

Stop what you’re doing and open your attention wide, taking in everything that’s happening right now.
Take a slow deep breath, and as you do so, tune into the sensations of breathing. Gather your attention and hone in on the exact sensations of breathing right now in this moment. Aim to be fully present with the full journey of the breath into and out of the body.
Observe your body and emotions. What sensations can you feel in your feet, your legs, your head, arms and shoulders? Are there any emotions present?
Simply sensing into whatever is present in the body. Then widen your focus and open to the moment and what’s arising in the environment. What can you see, feel, smell, hear and taste?
You have now, quite literally, come to your senses!
Proceed with what you were doing with an attitude of gentleness and kindness and also with the intention of integrating this mindful awareness into your activity.

Mindfulness is really about integrating awareness into everything we do in our lives. It can be a challenge in the beginning to ‘remember to be awake’ in the middle of it all, so a deliberate informal practice of mindfulness can be a great daily practice to help bridge the gap between formal practice and daily life.


Like a turtle which draw its limbs from all the directions;into its shell, a person should also withdraw all the senses from sense objects. Only then will the mind become steady.


na jātu kāmaḥ kāmānām upabhogena śhānyati
haviṣhā kṛiṣhṇa-vartmeva bhūya evābhivardhate 
(9.19.14) [v49]

“Fulfilling the desires of the senses does not extinguish them, just as offering oblations of butter in the fire does not extinguish it; instead, it makes the fire blaze even stronger.”


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