Valentine Partner Yoga & Meditation 

February 10th,2018

Strengthening the bond through experience and self-awareness.

with Sumit Manav

Are you looking to deepen the connection with your partner? A better understanding bond and heart-centered connection? This special session is for you. Designed specifically for couples, you will learn how to improve your awareness around your partner and enrich your relationship.

Sumit Manav the Founder and Core trainer of Lifestyle will helo you connect through breath, partner yoga  and meditation. Breathing together with the same pace will help you to connect better connect and assist with energy transformation. This session will include a warm-up, partner yogic stretches, breathing and couple meditation

Their love can become a nourishment to their meditation, and vice-versa, their meditation can become a nourishment to their love.

You have someone special that you care about?

If yes, treat your partners and bring him/her for this pre-Valentine’s Day session, where you will enjoy a beautiful and balanced connection between the feminine and masculine energy.

With Yoga & Meditation, you would:

♥ Make positive changes in your relationship ♥

♥ Strengthen your relationship with your partner ♥

♥ Break down the barriers and connect deeply ♥

♥ Enhance your overall health and wellbeing ♥

♥ Understand masculine and feminine energy around you ♥

Note: You need to have a parter for this workshop, those arriving alone may be ask for just spectate.

♥Date, timing & location♥

10th February, 2018

4:00pm – 6:00pm

Fairmont Hotel, Near Trade Centre, Dubai


Love-Bird Price AED300 (for 2 people)

Advance booking required

♥Terms & Conditions♥

♥ Your booking only will be confirm after the payment will be received ♥

♥ Photos and videos may be taken, solely for Lifestyle Yoga marketing purposes ♥

Call for more detail on: 0552223542 


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