October 12th


Have you ever caught yourself trying too hard to hold a pose? Have you ever wondered if it would ever be possible to just float into a position with grace and ease, instead of sweat and jittering muscles? Well, there is – and one to alleviate all of the physical and mental anguish that comes with some of the more advanced poses – it’s water.

Join us for another Half-Day Yoga Retreat at Shangri-La Hotel Dubai; join us for Yogaful day of Aqua Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Chakra Activation and more!

Program Details:

•11.30 am – 75-minute Yin Yoga
•12:45 pm – 30-minute Yoga Nidra
•1:15 pm – 30-minute Chakra Activation session
•1:45 pm – juices & break
•2:00 pm – 45-minute Aqua Yoga Session Outdoor Pool
•FREE Access to Shangrila-Spa till 5:00pm

Yin Yoga:

Yin Yoga: This style of Yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body (vs. the superficial tissues) and the fascia that covers the body; Yin Yoga is to help regulate the flow of energy in the body. Yin Yoga is unique in that you are asked to relax in the posture, soften the muscle and move closer to the bone; offering much deeper access to the body.

Aqua Yoga:

Aqua Yoga is a gentle and very low impact aquatic activity. Aqua Yoga takes the principles and movements of Yoga and adapts them to the water environment. With the release of gravity, the body is able to find the optimum stretch. By using the rhythm of the breath an inner sense of relaxation can be achieved.

Agya Chakra or Third Eye

Agya (or “Ajna”) means will power – We usually spend 80% of our energy on what we desire and only 20% of our energy on what we want to create. These percentages get reversed when this chakra is opened; resulting in fewer desires but much more power to transform them into a reality. Conditioning, labeling, and judgments contaminate this chakra. All judgments are prejudiced; they draw conclusions from a few observations (observations are contaminated by our conditioning). “I am this, you are that life is this, et cetera.” are statements of the ego; this mental chatter reduces all our experiences merely to words.

To live spontaneously and intensely we need to deal with every person and situation without a script. If we trust our being we will have an enormous leap of growth through such spontaneous interaction with the world. Facing life without a script, we will realize that we know much more than we imagine. This is the truth of life. True knowledge and wisdom enlighten us to open brow chakra.

Fees & Facility 

•AED 199 all-inclusive

•All Valet parking shower & changing facilities are available for your convenience

•WhatsApp Booking: 0552223542

•See you for the most majestic Friday

You are just one step Away to make your Friday worthful.

Call on: 05522235542


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