Yin Yoga Teacher Training


Yin Yoga - Meditation - Chakra Healing

With Sumit Manav

November  15th - 20th, 2019

About Yin Yoga TTC

Lifestyle Yoga invites you to join Sumit Manav for 6 days, 50 hours Immersion into a Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Take your passion for Yoga to the next level; deepen your practice and learn how to teach Yin Yoga and pass your Yogic knowledge to others.

 This Yin Yoga Teacher Training course is designed in accordance with the World Yoga Alliance (WYA).

The aim of this 50 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training program is to improve your practice by working on the many layers of Yoga to strengthen your confidence and solidify your inner voice.

This program will be led by Sumit Manav (a Yoga expert & Founder of Lifestyle Yoga) who will make you master the fundamentals so that you could mark the beginning of your successful path as a Yin Yoga instructor. Aspiring to teach Yin Yoga is a beginning in itself! 

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What Is Yin Yoga?

Our goal in life is not to become perfect: our goal in life is to become whole.

Most forms of yoga today are dynamic, active practices designed to work only half of the body, the muscular half, the "Yang" tissues. Yin Yoga allows us to work the other half, the deeper "Yin" tissues of our ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks, and even our bones. All of our tissue are important and need to be exercised so that we can achieve optimal health and vitality.


We don't use out body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into our body.

Yin Yoga Course Curriculum

The full yin Yoga TTC consists of 2 progressive modules delivered over 6-days, to create a comprehensive 50-hour certification. All modules are hosted at Lifestyle Yoga, Fairmont Hotel, Dubai

Each module includes a detailed lecture and discussion, combined with a led class and ample movement play – so you can integrate the concepts into your teaching through your own direct, embodied experience.


Module 1- Yin Practice & Concept


Yin Practice & Yin Concept

  • Element of yin Yoga
  • Mastering the Deeper understanding of yin
  • 26 Core Posture and their modification
  • Learning to teach with safely
  • Mastering the 6 themed yin sequences with modification and using props
  • A full and sufficient explanation of the Yin Practice and meridians
  • Yin and Yang defined. Yin and Yang tissue defined
  • Why does stretching mater?
  • Why do joints need to be healthy?


Anatomy & Physiology

  • Compression and tension theory
  • Differences in bones and skeletons
  • How skeletal differences affect the postures, range of movements and the joins
  • 8 Joints Anatomy that includes almost every posture of Yoga
  • Beneficial effects of Yin yoga on connective tissues, fascia and joints: anatomical and energetic benefits
  • Daily Yin yoga practice
  • Daily teaching practice
  • Meditation and pranayama, mindfulness

Module 2- Teaching methodology of Yin Yoga

Assisting in Yin & Anatomy

  • 6 Yin Flows focusing on different Meridians and parts of the body
  • Modifications
  • Anatomy
    • Tension and Compression
    • Skeletal variation
    • Individual anatomical formation of the body, its effects and limitations
    • Motion analysis of the body

Yin Yoga Sequence & Meditaiton 

  • How to assist someone in their Yin Practice, variations and adjustments
  • 3 specialist situational flows
  • Use of props in Yin Yoga & Yin Yoga Sequencing
  • Chi and Energetic systems

Pranayama & Meditation

  • What is Meditation? 
  • Mastering the concentration 
  • Yoga Nidra 
  • Chakra Meditation 
  • What are Prana and Pranamaya 
  • Ashtanga Yoga System 






The basis of this body is divine, and therefore, through the practices of yoga, a process of transmutation of the physical elements of the body into non-physical elements takes place. Matter is convertible into energy, and vice versa. This is the underlying concept.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika





Sumit Manav 

Your Trianer for Yin Yoga TTC

A modern yogi, with a vision & mission of spreding health, happiness and peace to the world.A celebrated Yoga personality, acknowledged as one of the top 10 Yoga teachers from India. His revolutionary fitness techniques have been well acclaimed by both regional and international media. By understanding modern lifestyles, he has successfully created a fusion of ancient Yoga practices to cure many vexing lifestyle ailments through his brand Lifestyle Yoga.

“One becomes firmly established in practice only after attending to it for a long time, without interruption and with an attitude of devotion.” ~ Yoga Sutra I.14


  • World Yoga Alliance and REPS UAE (16 CPED)

Starting From: 

  • February 1st – February 6th, 2019 (Dubai)
  • April 5th - 10th April 2019 (Dubai)
  • November 15th - 20th November 2019 
  • 2020 - Coming up in London. 

This Course Is For:

  • Yoga practitioners who want to learn about yin yoga, how to practice it and teach it.
  • Yoga teachers who want to learn Yin yoga to expand their scope of teaching.
  • Self Improvement and who want to teach to Friends and Family
  • Yoga studios and yoga schools owners who want to add value to the classes they offer to their clients.

−Yin Yoga TTC 50 hours will be running from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm over the following dates


  • 09.00 AM – 09.45 AM: Morning Pranayama & Meditation
  • 09.45 AM – 11.30 AM: Morning Asana Practice
  • 11.30 AM – 12:30 PM: Theory Sessions
  • 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM: Yoga Nidra Practice 
  • 01.00 PM - 02.30 PM: Lunch Break & homework
  • 02.30 PM – 03.30 PM: Art of Teaching (Workshop)
  • 03.30 PM – 05.00 PM: Afternoon Yoga Practice / Analytical Training / Meditation or Breathing Techniques


  • Basic understanding and speaking of the English language
  • 18 years old or over
  • Prior knowledge and experience of any style of yoga will be helpful
  • Should not be pregnant
  • A burning desire to grow and learn


Full Price

AED3500 + VAT

( Last Date For Booking October 30th)

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We are an International Yoga Organization with the Head Division based in India and Thailand. WYA also has Divisions in Europe as well as WYA Member Yoga Organizations and Institutes across the world. Countries include Greece, Cyprus, Argentina and Latin American countries, Hungary, Spain, The Netherland and the other European countries.

WYA Head division consists of a group of professional doctrines who have studied for over 76 years and have practiced Yoga in the field and have created this organization to share the expertise of our knowledge. University Accreditation in all aspects of Yoga, philosophy, Ayurveda medicine, asana practice and life dedication to Yoga has enabled us to set a high standard of teaching practice for anyone who joins one of our yoga teacher training courses regardless of which country you may be attending your yoga course with WYA Certification.


World Yoga Alliance prepares all those yoga teachers or Schools, for the international level, who are capable of giving the knowledge of yoga and for this preparation WYA organized Workshops and conferences at international level that’s helps in increasing the knowledge bank and then they become able to teach at international level and We provide them the registration and Certification. World Yoga Alliance Registry provides worldwide recognition of teacher’s knowledge, training or courses, and experience. Employers feel confident hiring a high standard yoga professional knowing that your training meets our standards. World Yoga Alliance registered teacher or registered school, may use the name and our WYA trademark logos.

Our Standards are intended to regulate the Yoga Industry and support the integrity of a Registered Yoga Teacher or a Registered Yoga School. World Yoga Alliance registers yoga teachers from all traditions and styles and yoga schools whose teacher training programs (200 hours / 300 hours / 500 hours or above training courses) meet the standards outlined above.


If you had completed any educational level of yoga teacher training course with World Yoga Alliance certification via our Divisions or accredited Member Yoga schools/Institutions then you can achieve these all benefits from our organization.

The Certified members are able to use our services and benefits for a lifetime and we offer our certified member yoga teachers the following benefits:

Such as:

  • Free Internship course for the upcoming two years with any Other Division of World Yoga Alliance (student must provide “Identification number” to qualify)
  • Free lifetime membership to assistance and organizational support for establishing a yoga studio / Center / School or Unite (certified members must register first)
  • Reduced teacher registration fee – 25% off.
  • Free ongoing educational support in the form of conferences, seminars, and workshops;
  • Free Advertisement / Promotion for yoga classes or workshops on our website.
  • CYT Members are able to create an account and profile on our community website.


I am completely new to Yin yoga, can I participate?

Yes, you can. Yin Yoga is for everyone and everybody.

I am very stiff, can I join Yin Yoga TTC?

Yes, you can. Guaranteed you will find yourself much more flexible and unwind after the course.

What is the age limit to join this course?

There is no age limit as long as you have a desire to learn.

Will I able to teach yin yoga afterwards?

Yes, that is Goal of this course to prepare you to teach and become the best in Yin Style.


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