September 15th – 19th


This course is designed 100% for beginners:

Have you ever tried doing yoga or thinking of giving it a try but you don’t know where to begin from? Are you looking for a way to be healthier, happier, stronger and flexible?

Then this is the program that will help you to take care of your body & mind within 5-days of practicing this regime.

Mr. Sumit Manav, Founder of Lifestyle yoga and his team of Yogis are here to help you dwell into a calming yoga flow that will take you through the basics and principles of traditional yoga and archaic postures in a gentle and educational manner.

Throughout this course, We will be teaching you the essential and basic yoga postures that a new yogi can enjoy.During the 5-days, you will follow a rhythmic sequence with variety at the same time which means you will be never bored. You will always have something new on your yoga mat.

This program has amazing benefits including improving your flexibility, strength, developing balance and looking younger by the day. If you are ready to commit 5-hours, which is simply 1 hour per day for 5-days, you will achieve a lot to make your life healthier and happier. 

So join Sumit Manav & his team of Yoga Expert for 5-Days of Yoga for Beginner’s program that will change you from within and make you feel refreshed and recharged.

To Achieve maximum benefit out of this program we have designed 5-Amazing Yoga Class. Each class is Unique & Fun to practice.

Why Join?

• Dwell in a calming Yoga flow that will charmingly take you through the basics and principles of Traditional Yoga and Archaic Postures in a gentle and educational manner.

•  The purpose of this class is to introduce beginner and aspiring Yogis to the authentic Yoga practice in order to calm your body and achieve mindfulness.

•  The perfect class for beginners and first-time Yogis.

Yoga Theme for Beginners

  1. The basic principle of Yoga
  2. Asana for Beginners
  3. Pranayama – Mudra and Bandhas
  4. Yama and Niyama
  5. Concentration & Meditation
  6. Sukhsam Vyayama
  7. Meditation

Lifestyle Yoga Group Classes are a perfect combination of proven Traditional and Modern Yoga techniques designed to give you a complete mental and physical workout. The classes are fully energized and participants learn to enjoy the workouts in a lively and informative manner.

Starting From:

 Every Month we start a New Batch for Beginners Course, Check out the upcoming date for 2018.

Upcoming Batch 

September 15th – 19th September

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Locations & Timings

Fairmont Hotle Near Trade Centre


AED299/- Only for Full Course Plus 5% VAT

AED75/- Walk in


All shower, valet parking, Locker, Free Self Parking & changing facilities are available for your convenience in our Prime Location Shangril-la Hotel and Fairmont Hotel, Near Trade Centre Dubai.

Let’s get started with sending us an Email or Calling us on our Toll – Free Number: 800-59642

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