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Importance of Pranayama
The importance of pranayama is offering vitality to ‘prana’, which implies life. While we give exercise and vitality to this deepest soul and life, it encourages you to stay in [...]
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Why Surya Namaskar?
Surya Namaskar or salutations to the Sun or the worship of the Sun God- this practise has many names but the aim is only one- sync your body with nature.
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Yoga for Men
Yoga often carries a stereotype or stigma that Yoga isn’t for men: it isn’t a decent workout; it's too meditative; you have to be flexible to do it, and men's [...]
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Mindfulness Bingo with Sumit Manav
MINDFULNESS BINGO WITH SUMIT MANAV! Namaste Yogis! Thank you for taking the first step to living a more intentional and present life. During this heightene
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Online Private Yoga Classes
Get Fit, Be Strong & Be At Home We hope you are keeping well during lockdown and are continuing your practice! We want to make sure […]
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Peace and serenity during Covid-19
Peace and serenity during Covid-19 Quarantine and social distancing…..These are the buzz words today doing the rounds world over. As the virus COVID 19
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What makes a good yoga teacher
Let’s define what really makes a “GOOD” Yoga Teacher… What makes a yoga class or yoga teacher go from good to great? Sometimes it can feel
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How to become a yoga teacher
6 Yoga Teacher Questions You’re Probably Asking Yourself Right Now We often get asked these 6 questions by our students, so you’re probably thinking them too.
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Space To Life – Yoga Retreat
Space to Life: Empower Your Practice, De-Stress Your Life Friday, February 7th, 2020 Destress & energise your mind, body & soul with this half-day Yoga retreat
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FULL MOON YIN YOGA & YOGA NIDRA FEBRUARY 9th,2020 The full moon is a time to release what no longer serves us, inviting an expansion of
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