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Yin Yoga & Chakra Meditation Challenge
YIN YOGA CHALLENGE STARTIN FROM JANUARY 5th, 2019 Are you seeking a nice, short and lovely Yin yoga and Chakra activation course that will bring an
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Mindfulness Bingo with Sumit Manav
MINDFULNESS BINGO WITH SUMIT MANAV! Namaste Yogis! Thank you for taking the first step to living a more intentional and present life. During this heightene
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Online Private Yoga Classes
Get Fit, Be Strong & Be At Home We hope you are keeping well during lockdown and are continuing your practice! We want to make sure […]
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Space To Life – Yoga Retreat
Space to Life: Empower Your Practice, De-Stress Your Life Friday, February 7th, 2020 Destress & energise your mind, body & soul with this half-day Yoga retreat
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FULL MOON YIN YOGA & YOGA NIDRA FEBRUARY 9th,2020 The full moon is a time to release what no longer serves us, inviting an expansion of
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Detox Yoga & Hiking Retreat
Detox Yoga & Hiking Retreat June 30th to July 5th, 2020 We bring to you an energising and revitalising Detox Yoga & Hiking Retreat in one
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Rooftop Full Moon Yoga & Meditation
FULL MOON YIN YOGA & YOGA NIDRA WITH SUMIT MANAV NOVEMBER 13TH Timings: 6:30pm – 8:00pm The full moon is a time to release what no
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Fascial Yoga Passive Stretch Therapy Workshop
Fascial Yoga Passive Stretch Therapy (FYPST), tailored by Yoga expert Sumit Manav, is a unique form of Yogic Passive stretching that works on the Fascia, Ligaments
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Aqua Yoga & Detox Retreat
Aqua Yoga & Detox Retreat In The Heart of Dubai September 20th, 2019 AED199/- Join us for another Half-Day Yoga Retreat at Shangri-La Hotel Dubai;
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Kalari Payattu Workshop
Kalari Payattu – Ancient Martial Arts of Kerala September 12th, 13th & 14th, 2019 Kalaripayattu – The Orient’s treasure trove, a gift to the moder
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