Chakra Affirmation

How To balance Your Seven Chakras Through the Power of Affirmations

As you may realize by now, there are lots of ways to balance your chakras. Did you know that affirmations are one of the most powerful ones, if you apply them with the right method.
It’s all because our thoughts create our reality, and by regularly practising positive chakra balancing affirmations, we can achieve results in our lives that we couldn’t even imagine!
The six super powerful located along the spinal column or Merudanda are: mooladhara, swadhisthan, manipuraa, anahata, vishuddhi, ajna. Although these chakra are situated in the subtle body, they correspond of the nerve plexus in the gross body.
Each chakra has its location, colours mantra and affirmation. You will find the detail in below image.
Sit in a quiet place with spine straight and start to work on these amazing powerful centres-in your body.
Let learn more in-depth about chakra and how to awaken them check out our Chakra Yoga Class
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