Yog-Nidra (Psychic Sleep)

Yog-Nidra is a state of consciousness, wherein you are awake but still achieve the benefits of deep sleep as you are guided through the states of relaxation to achieve a progressively deeper state of consciousness. You are directed to relax your body, silence your mind and set a positive personal goal for the upcoming days. It is believed that when you enter such a deep state of relaxation, your subconscious becomes more active, allowing you to work through numerous mental issues and problems. For this reason, some practitioners view Yog-Nidra as a beneficial treatment for various emotional and mental disorders.


  • Helps with stress management.
  • Provides effective relief for depression and anxiety.
  • Effective way to obtain sleep.
  • Self-healing.
  • Helps you to become creative.
  • Prepares you for meditation practice.

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