Mobility yoga workshop with sumit manav

Mobility yoga workshop with sumit manav
Unlock your potential, feel better-than-ever, become more mobilise, and stay injury-free with Mobility Yoga.
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February 12, 2021
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Unlock your potential, feel better-than-ever, become more mobilise, and stay injury-free with Mobility Yoga.

Can 2-hour mobility yoga routine really make a difference? You going to be surprised to see the result and joint will be more thankful than ever.

Mobility Yoga Includes:

Whether you’re lifting weights, doing a triathlon, yang exercise, hooked on Jumba classes, feeling some aches and pains, or just looking to up your fitness game, a mobility yoga routine is your key to optimal performance — and injury prevention.
I’ve spent 10-years refining this Mobility Yoga workshop to work for my body (and avoid injuries as a result), and I’m thrilled to share the results with you!
Follow along as I coach you through simple but essential mobility yoga moves designed to make you stronger, more flexible and more fit. No equipment needed but your own body, mind & a little smile!

Why Mobility Yoga?

Mobility is the ability to move a joint or limb freely and with control through its full range of motion. This unrestricted movement lets your muscles work their best – and helps reduce your chance of injury.

What is Mobility?

This is not to be confused with flexibility which is simply the length of the muscle. Mobility is a controlled voluntary movement through its entire functional range of motion. Mobility training is the process in which you work to improve mobility in all or a single joint. In doing so you reduce the potential of imbalances, thus reducing the risk for injuries, allows for full benefits of exercise by moving limbs through their respective full range of motion, and helps you move better whether that is for daily activities or for sport.

  • Improve your joint mobility by incorporating Mobility Yoga into your fitness & Yoga routine
  •  Prevent Injury
  • Get Stronger
  • Improve Performance
  • Minimise Pain
  • Optimise Range of Motion
  • Correct muscle imbalances caused by muscle tightness
  • Release tension in your body caused by stress.


  • Smartphone or tablet
  • Laptop or connect with your tv
  • 2 – hour
  • Yoga mat & a good ambience
  • Music (You can choose by yourself)
Mobility Yoga Workshop
Mobility Yoga Workshop
AED 99 Get access for 15 days
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