Mindfulness Bingo with Sumit Manav


Namaste Yogis!

Thank you for taking the first step to living a more intentional and present life. During this heightened time of uncertainty, we need to come back to the present moment and reconnect with our true selves.

This is why I have created the MINDFULNESS BINGO Challenge, which will help to guide you on how to embrace the present moment and fill it with joy, positivity and happiness!

Starting 16th April, we will be completing ONE mindfulness task everyday to centre our awareness and connect with joy.

The rules are simple…👇

✅Please fill out the simple form below to download the Mindfulness BINGO Card! Save or print a copy of this BINGO card.

✅On Wednesday 15th April at 7 pm UAE time / 4 pm UK time (thereafter daily, same time) I will post an activity from this card that needs to be completed the following day.

✅Cross (X) on the activity on your card as you complete it on the day.

✅Also, if you complete the activity, comment “BINGO” on my daily post (I will be checking!).

 Goals for the Challenge:

🔴Goal 1: If you complete any line (up, down, left, right, diagonally), comment “SUPER BINGO!” on my daily post.

🔴Goal 2: If you complete the entire card, comment “MINDFULNESS EXPERT!” on the last day of my post.

Feel free to share a selfie with your BINGO card whenever you comment (I will do the same!) and your biggest “AHA” moment when you have completed the task.

Please feel free to share so others can learn and benefit as well – we are in this together.

If you want to sign up for this challenge, please fill out the form below to download the Mindfulness BINGO Card! 



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