Peace and serenity during Covid-19

Quarantine and social distancing…..These are the buzz words today doing the rounds world over. As the virus COVID 19 moves swiftly across the world affecting countries and citizens in its vast sweep, health experts have provided guidelines that will arrest the infectious spread.

In the interests of self-preservation and community causes, we must abide by the guidelines and help the authorities and medical teams who are tirelessly working to help those affected.

In such circumstances, how does one occupy one’s time, stay alert and healthy and overcome ennui? I do want to share a few ideas and also let you all know what I’m doing as well with my time.

Being a housewife and kids having grown up and moved away, I had carefully planned my activities fruitfully – walk to the gym or yoga studio in the morning. My weekly routine revolved around my music classes, teach Math to a couple of students, exchange notes on spirituality with like-minded friends, write my blogs, continue to write short stories amidst numerous conversations with kids and friends and lunches with others.

Like most of the people, I began binge-watching Amazon Prime and Netflix series – some of which are quite addictive. However, within a couple of days I felt a bit bloated and also noticed that I was reaching out for the snacks more than required! I also discovered the pleasures of Scrabble, crosswords that were long forgotten in our busy lives. Arvind (my partner) and I spent many pleasant hours competing with one another and furiously arguing of Xi was a legitimate word or another city that was the cause of corona.

COVID 19 brought life to a grinding halt! With my spouse sporadically working from home, I decided it was time to engage in activities that sustain and promote a healthy lifestyle. I missed my yoga classes and long walks in outdoor. I discovered that my good friend and yoga guru has started online yoga classes from his studio in London. I joined his live classes online via FB / Instagram and spent an invigorating hour with plenty of others. I felt that the effects of social media and technology were being exploited to the full with such intense all-around workouts. Lifestyle Yoga has reached our household during these difficult times and ensures we get our one hour of meditation and yogic learning to keep calm and collected during these tough times.

Apart from a feeling of wellbeing, it was very self-assuring to find out that I could still manage to touch my toes and literally make ends meet!

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