Ritesh Manav
Yoga Trainer
To be a teacher means I must keep learning too. I’m a student and a teacher, which gives me plenty to learn so I can share my newly found knowledge with others. 5 years with Lifestyle Yoga has changed me as a person and made me a better teacher. It has helped strengthen my roots as a human being and given me the perfect platform to perform well. I joined as a beginner and now I am a professional Yoga practitioner.
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A certified Yoga Teacher from Gurukul Kangari, Haridwar in India with a diploma in Yoga from DSVV in 2011. Ritesh is Lifestyle Yoga’s youngest, most energetic Yoga instructor with 6 years teaching experience in Delhi and Dubai with a background in Sports. Specialising in Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga and helping people with many ailments.

  • Yoga Certificate course from Gurukul Kangri one the ancient Yoga school
  • 1 year Diploma in Yoga and Human Consciousness
  • Experties in Yoga Therapy for Back Pain, Servical Spondylitis, Passive Yogic Stretches.
  • Study Hatha Yoga, Raj Yoga, Dhyan Yoga

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